Fake IDs in the age of the internet

They can get a license until 18. I was planning on letting my kid try a small glass of wine with food in their early teens. But doing so in the US, I actually risk jail and loss of parental custody.

I think you oversimplified the legal situation here. In many contexts the law allows parents to expose their kids to different kinds of risks, but if the overall amount of risk is considered too high, then the parents fitness may be questioned. In the alcohol context, a judge might consider that letting children drink at meals in their parents presence was not unfit parenting, but knowingly allowing the children to drink every day without any supervision was.

Whenever I gone to a beer hall in Germany the only super drunk people were American college students. He never drank at all as a “kid.” You couldn give him a glass of wine at a holiday dinner, or a beer to watch a ball game or anything. Neither myself nor his mother were a part of his birthday celebration. I was honestly quite worried that he would be out with friends and have his first experience go horribly wrong. He has no idea how it will affect him. (Thankfully all turned out ok). Such laws are said to be more “protective” as if teenagers are incapable of handling sharp tools. Brazil wastes no opportunity to dumb down.

This. MADD really is fighting the wrong battle and should be a lobby for real mass transit in most major US cities. They all gone now; killed by the desire of Ford and GM to see us a car future.

No, it actually really is too spread out. My hometown of St. Louis once had an extensive streetcar network, that much is true; but you missing a key point: that network was almost entirely within the 66 square miles of the original St. Only about 300k of the 2.8 million residents of greater St.

This is really short sighted. In fact, Adelaide is pretty spread out and suburban, but it still has a nicely laid out (if a bit dated) train network). Also, just because it gone now, doesn mean we shouldn start fixing it. The amazing thing is when you do lay out rail, people tend to start building around them; including stores and housing. They have a an incredible impact on commerce simply by being laid down. There is a psychological impact of seeing the rails and seeing the trams pass at constant intervals that changes the way people think about transport.

This is really short sighted. Those factors, collectively, are what I referring to when I say we too “spread out.””Spread out” isn just about distance; it about population size over a given area. It about density, in other words. Louis suburbs as they exist today. For one, low population densities naturally diminish the value proposition of rail. Traffic problems now suggest that keeping the old trams around would probably have been better but around the time they got rid of them cars may have been truly more efficient and people lacked the foresight to save the public transit.

In college students will a mile or several to parties or over the course of a night party hopping. Not walking everywhere is more of a social norms issue. In college towns you see many more non students walking everywhere. They don care though, it enough to keep them from being fined an alcohol license should police become involved. Hell, most of the local police departments in college towns are relatively unconcerned about underage drinking unless they can use it as a way to shut down other behavior they deem an issue.

I stopped drinking 2 years ago.

For me it wasn “acquiring a taste” it was finding the taste that I like. I tried a lot of stuff and thought most of it was crap. Beer tastes foul to me (all of it, from Coors to IPAs and everything in between), as do most liquors (gin, vodka) and while Scotches are drinkable I find a lot of them are the IPAs of liquor (“duuuude, it so smoky” it so hoppy”) but I happened to find that I really like Irish whiskeys. I drink Jameson or Bushmill neat or a little ginger ale and it great. Been drinking them for most of a decade now. Might just not have found what clicks for you.

The mass use of fake IDs of this sort is a bizarrely American problem. In the UK, you considered anadult at age 18. So they by extension don get a driving license until well into their 20s (if at all). In essence it is a non driving licence ID card, card which only exists to prove your age. It costs 15, but that still cheap relative to getting a driving licence (inc. He had a beer with his parents at dinner before the ceremony

Don let it stop you. The perceived risk is much greater than the actual tiny risk.

Schengen residents returning to the area from trips outside of it surely pass through border control and immigration screening?My most recent travel to Europe took me through Madrid and Copenhagen on the way to London I recall seeing everyone (EU residents and non EU residents) waiting in line to clear immigration into the UK. On those same trips I also flew through France and Germany those were all like domestic US flights without any additional screening but the UK definitely seemed to screen everyone. Whereas, I still occasionally get asked for ID in the United States in spite of being over 40.

“This is the weirdest part of the story for me. Does anyone else get boxes of chopsticks in their mail so regularly that they instinctively treat it as junk mail?”Actually, every two months or so we will receive an amazon package with some item that we never ordered and is not in our purchase queue, etc.

It neither. All BarZapp does is read the barcode and check that it contains reasonable information and it formatted according to the standards. Vendors have figured out proper formatting so they look appropriate to BarZapp. Of course, no fake id will pass actual lookup in a database. Except of course cloned IDs, which are extremely rare in my experience. I heard of stories of someone with a stolen DMV database who would sell fakes with real information for about $700 each

A lot of bars in my college town are starting to require two forms of ID before they let you in. One must be a driver license but the other can be your student ID card or a credit card. I sure it would be easy to fake our student ID cards but for the most part, this rule works well. Some bars are known for letting in minors. Their bouncers are inexperienced or just don care. Every now and then those bars get a fine and they put someone experienced out front and give them a UV flashlight.

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