Fake IDs real problem for liquor store owners

Fake IDs real problem for liquor store owners

A string of confiscated fake IDs has some Williamson County liquor store owners taking a closer look at customers they suspect are under the legal drinking age of 21.

A string of confiscated fake IDs has some Williamson County liquor store owners taking a closer look at customers they suspect are under the legal drinking age of 21.

“Most put their real names on the ID and use their Facebook picture for the photo, DeVore said. “But the rest of the information is usually not correct. I ask questions and it clear they haven memorized it. south at Moon Wine Spirits on Moores Lane, owner Eddie Moon said there have been two attempts by minors to purchase alcohol with a fake ID this summer. Those IDs also were from South Carolina.

“It been a real issue lately, Moon said.

Both DeVore and Moon said the customers appeared to be of high school or just entering college age, and suspect they are all Brentwood residents.

“They just never have any other form of ID, DeVore said. “We always ask for that make sure they have the correct credit card. said when he encounters an ID he suspects is fake, he will inform the customer he is going to keep the card and without fail the customer becomes vocal and asks for the ID back. DeVore then threatens to call the police.

“They take off after that. The last guy who tried left so fast he left $20 on the counter. police were not involved in any of these incidents. Both DeVore and Moon said they typically confiscate the ID and post the card on the wall or just outright refuse service.

Moon said he called Brentwood police for advice, Scannable Fake IDs but decided not to press charges.

“It up to us to protect underage kids from getting this product, Moon said.

However, the owner livelihoods are at risk.

“We could lose our license, DeVore said. “We regulated by the state. There be a hearing or fine, and depending on how bad the situation is we could lose our license. liquor store owners in Franklin and other local communities say they haven seen the fake South Carolina IDs, but that around Christmas some underage would be customers give them a try.

Chief Law Enforcement Officer Mark Hutchens of the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission said that organization works with local police agencies in a newly instituted “trace program, which tries to identify the source of where the alcohol came from when minors are involved.

Hutchens said fines for serving a minor can range from $100 $1,500, and if the incident is serious enough, the board could revoke the business liquor license.

Any criminal charges, such as vehicular homicide or driving drunk, would come down from local district attorneys or police departments.

TABC does not require liquor store owners to report fake IDs to the police, Hutchens said.

“The only thing we require is they don serve or sell to minors. buy fake ids said the quality of the IDs has become so precise that it likely he has unknowingly sold to a minor.

“It hard to realize, but when you get that many from the same place looking young, you put two and two together and get suspicious. and Moon believe the culprits purchased the fake IDs online, and because they are all from South Carolina, it not unlikely the juveniles know each other.

To get to the source, Moon intends to speak with the last underage person who tried to buy liquor. He said the kid informed his parents, and Moon hopes he will be willing to shed light on where and how he acquired a fake ID.

Brentwood police said it not often the department responds to reports of fake ID use.

“Generally,our officersencounterjuveniles in possession of fake ID when the officers come into contact withthemon other matters such as a traffic stop, Capt. David O said.

If caught, minors are not penalized when charged as a juvenile.

“The goal of juvenile court is to rehabilitate juvenile offenders, O said.

As of Tuesday, Tennessee state law now requires liquor store owners to complete full ID checks. So whether customers are 21, 50 or 75, buy fake ids all will be required to show a valid form of identification.

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