Good Luck Talisman Natural Agate Turtle Cell Phone Charm

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Item: St88-Ss Gemstone Charm Size: 25 X 17 Mm Everyone These Days Are Using Charms For Their Cell Phones, As It Became A Popular Attribute Of Our Every Day Communication.
This Is Very Cute Good Luck Talisman Turtle Charm Made From High Quality Natural Agate Gemstone. This Cell Phone Charm Comes With Very Attractive Hang Tag And May Also Be Used As Purse Charm, Zipper Pull Or Any Other Desirable Way.
Turtle Is Symbol Of Longevity And Heaven’S Blessings. Turtles Seem To Possess An Enviable And God-Like Resistance To Aging And Represents Long Life. The Turtle Is A Symbol Of Good Fortune And Is An Positive Omen Bringing 10,000 Years Of Happiness. The Turtle Carries The World On Its Back. This Is A Symbol Of Fertility, Vitality, And Great Patience. The Chinese Believed These Animals Foretold Future Events. The Turtle Protects By Teaching The Family To Protect Themselves. She Brings The Blessings Of Heaven To The Home. Turtle Symbolizes Both The Stability Of Earth Energy, And The Magical Mysteries Of Heaven. It Is A Symbol Of Good Luck, Love And Health. Good Luck And Natural Powers Of Agate Gemstoneagate Known As A Good Luck Stone. It Brings Peace And Happiness. Agate Is A Protective Stone. Its Protective Energies Are More Gentle And Subtle Than Some Stones. It Can Be Particularly Effective When Calling Upon Angels For Protection. Inspiration Is Another Hallmark Of Blue Lace Agate And That Can Assist In Inner Attunement, And Has Been Said To Be Useful For Performing Miracles. As Well It Balances Yin-Yang Energy. It Can Help Bring Stronger Intuition And Inner Knowing. Blue Lace Agate Is Considered A Stone Of Communication. Agates Have Long Been Thought Magical, Curing Everything From Thirst, The Evil-Eye And Bad Dreams.