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ScandiTech Battery Model iP5S-5C – Replacement Kit with Tools, Adhesive & Instructions – New 1560 mAh 0 Cycle Battery – Repair Your Phone in 20 min – 1 Year Warranty

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ScandiTech Battery Model iP5S-5C (not regular 5)
Complete Screwdriver Set Included
Step by Step Instructions


ScandiTech Battery Model 5S-5C – Replacement Kit with Tools, Adhesive, and Instructions

Replacing A Smartphone Battery
Is your battery draining quickly? Does your battery percentage jump?
These are signs of a worn out battery. All lithium batteries, today’s standard battery type in electronics, wear out with time and with use. A drop in capacity can usually be noticed after six months. After 12 months (~300 charge cycles), it’s common that the battery has lost 10-30% of its original capacity. Eventually, the battery will fail to keep the phone running stable and the phone could shut down in use or in standby mode.

When could a battery replacement fix my phone?

– Phone rebooting on low battery percentage or when demanding apps are used
– Battery percentage jumps
– Worn out original battery
– Swollen/shorted battery
– Light water damage (fresh/tap water damage)
When is it unlikely that a new battery will fix my phone?
– Extensive water damage (especially salt water damage)
– Motherboard damage/short circuit
– Non-battery related problems (some issues might appear to be battery related even though they are not)

Scandi Tech Battery Model S
– 1560 mAh capacity
– Brand new with 0 charge cycles
– 12-month warranty (contact our support if assistance is needed)

The kit includes:
Step by Step Manual
Battery (3.8V 1560 mAh Lithium-ion)
A Set of Adhesive
Philips PH000 Screwdriver
Pentalobe (Five-Star) Screwdriver
A Set of Tweezers
Plastic Opening Tool
Suction Cup

We are so confident in our Scandi Tech batteries that each battery comes with a 1-year free no-hassle replacement guarantee!
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ScandiTech Battery Model iP5S-5C (not regular 5)
Complete Screwdriver Set Included
Step by Step Instructions
Some Technical Knowledge Required
Recommended: read or watch a guide before taking on a project like this.